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There Goes the Movies-The Dark Knight Rises Tragic Opening Day

Here at 4-Star I was all set to enjoy my theater going experience via the midnight showing of the new Dark Knight Rises movie. I was going to get my life in every possible way, come home around 3:30 am, and then tell you all about it the next day. And I was riding high until I popped opened my Firefox browser today.

Today in Aurora, Colorado at approximately 12:15 am, while a theater of innocent movie watchers looked on a 24 year-old man entered the movie theater with a riffle and two other handguns. Movie watchers believed it to be a prop, a clever live action way to play up the action of the movie. The man, now identified as James Holmes, shot and killed 12 patrons and also wounded 50 others in his tirade. Some say that the assailant was a medical student on his way to receiving his PhD, man of science or not this man should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. The shooter did not resist arrest, actually waiting in the parking lot for police forces to arrest him.

We’ll never know what was going through Mr. Holmes’ head but some of us may never look at a movie theater the same way again. But this shouldn’t take away from the performance of the actors in Dark Knight Rises.

The story follows the events of Harvey Dent and the Joker eight years later and Gotham City is now in peace. Harvey Dent was never revealed to be Two-Face and our favorite masked hero Batman was forced to take the blame. It is something that Commissioner James Jordon, revised by Gary Oldman, is finding hard to live with. Christian Bale, as Bruce Wayne, has become a recluse and morns over the lose of his love. He is brought together with Cat Woman, played by Anne Hathaway, not under the best circumstances as she steals a precious heirloom from the Wayne manor. Bane,Tom Hardy,  arises as a truly respectable villain. A performance not seen since the tragic passing of Heath Ledger as the Joker. There’s plenty of action and the 2 hours and 44 minutes of the film aren’t overkill at all (though it is this blogger’s opinion that some of the longer sequences could have stayed on the cutting room floor). I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. A solid 3 out of 4 stars.

The two surprise breakout stars in this movie were definitely Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Levitt as Detective Blake. I was a little worried that Hathaway would be too prim and proper to get down and dirty as the iconic cat burglar but ma’am she holds her own. Even in action scenes she gives a tribute to the old-school coyness of past Cat Woman actresses with her snappy and witty banter. Levitt steals the show from Bale seemingly calling him out in the movie as a hero who has given up. His character is full of heart and has a surprising tie-in into the story. He represents Batman’s motto that anyone can be a hero. Shoot, he made me believe that I could take down an army of thugs with just one shotgun but again he probably has his own stunt double.

What both the tragic shooting and the movie have in common is that is shows the strength in which one person can have. It truly does take one person to save or dismantle a civilization. It also shows the darkness of the human spirit, how sometimes the most dangerous spot can be a face swimming in a crowd of people.

4-Star sends its deepest condolences to the people and families of the victims of this shooting. We never thought that an institution such as the movies, which is supposed to give us an escape from the harsh times we live in, would be so mutilated.


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