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Pennjamin Bannekar 31/31 v.6 Verses Series

4-Star has been giving you the very best in fresh Chicago artists and this month is no different as yet another lyrical contender graces the mic. Illwrite Music Group’s, Pennajamin Bannekar, shows us mixtape innovation with his 31 verses in 31 days for the month of September, essentially giving us a deal of 30 verses, get one free being that September only has 30 days. And we at 4-Star Explorer can appreciate a great deal! Many of the instrumentals used are currently popular songs like Meek Mill’s Amen and Watch the Throne’s Ball So Hard.

Making his start with the group Project: Fr3sh, Penn, worked on his writing skills as well as the inception of his playful moniker Pennjamin B. He eventually went solo and worked tirelessly to expand the Chicago music scene going on to grab MTV’s Album of the Month recognition for the success of his 2011 titled compilation Heartbeat.

Enjoy a sample of this talented artist with the latest in the 31-n-31 series with Sweater which borrows it’s inspiration from another pioneer in Chicago music, Kanye West’s Get ‘Em High from the College Dropout album. I must say that this song goes hard, creating a strong 70s like vibe with drums and cymbals ringing strong throughout. It’s gritty, flowy and cool. Please give a listen to today’s verse as well as take a gander at this week’s recap of the series. Happy Friday!

Day 7-Sweater:

31/31 Week 1 Recap:


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