About 4*Star

It is the plan of this writer on this day July 8, 2012 approx. 11:18 pm to create my own blog/website entitled Four Star Explorer. I’ve been toying around with the idea for some time now (and I have the date stamped messages to prove it!) and forgive me if I seem overcautious but I have the overwhelming need to wag my finger around pointing at everyone shouting, “Patent Pending, Patent Pending, Patent Pending” similar to Homer during The Simpsons “Dr. Homer’s Miracle Spine-O-Cylinder” episode. (Google it if don’t get the reference. Keep up folks I’m stream of conscious-ing ) Nevertheless, here I am penning the purpose and goals of this little project. This brings me to the word purpose. The word “blowupable” I mean… “purpose” (that’s another Simpson reference fyi)  has been thrown around a lot, one word for summing up exactly all the stuff you plan to do.

Here at 4-Star we plan to show you what Chicago has to offer. We can’t promise you’ll it’ll be clean cut but we can promise that it’ll be fun as hell! We want to target urbanite and urbanista people of the Chi. Here at 4-Star we believe in writing for a fun and funky lifestyle not a color, not a race, not a monetary value. We will look into what’s hot in Culture, Site-Seeing, Nightlife, Cuisine, Current Events, Music, Fashion, and whatever else Interests you. This site will prove to be not only my journey, but yours as well, into the city once coined “The Jewel of the Midwest.” Let’s see its wonders…c’mon let’s explore.

Editor’s Bio: Shavon “Vonnie” Coleman is an alumni of Illinois State University where she studied English with a concentration in Education. Feeling that her talents would be better spent writing she decided to start up 4-Star Explorer in the hopes of creating a publication among the few that caters to young city-dwellers who as she puts it “still manage to survive in an urban jungle.” She has been a native Chicagoan for going on 25 years in August! She now resides on the southwest side.


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